$ 10.00

Earthy, rich, sweet, balsamic, woody, and spicy. Remember the 60’s, no really do you remember the 60’s? One of our top 10 scents.

Pretty Face Facial Soap

$ 10.00

We have changed our formula for this amazing facial soap. Activated charcoal has been added to help pull out the impurities from pores, giving you a cleaner, healthier looking skin. And yes, this soap also contains Goat milk which exfoliates dead skin cells. The result: A pretty face!


Sensual Pleasures

$ 10.00

Spicy, fruity, warm, sweet aroma, combined with a citrus aroma make for a possible aphrodisiac experience. We make no promises.

Vetiver Soap

$ 10.00

Deep, shadowed, astringent, earthy like newly tilled soil, and balsam-woody. If you are a gardener you might like this scent.

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