OUT OF STOCKSalePatchouli



Earthy, rich, sweet, balsamic, woody, and spicy. Remember the 60’s, no really do you remember the 60’s? One of our top 10 scents.

Pretty Face Facial Soap


We have changed our formula for this amazing facial soap. Activated charcoal has been added to help pull out the impurities from pores, giving you a cleaner, healthier looking skin. And yes, this soap also contains Goat milk which exfoliates dead skin cells. The result: A pretty face!


OUT OF STOCKSaleSensual Pleasures

Sensual Pleasures


Spicy, fruity, warm, sweet aroma, combined with a citrus aroma make for a possible aphrodisiac experience. We make no promises.

OUT OF STOCKSaleVetiver Soap

Vetiver Soap


Deep, shadowed, astringent, earthy like newly tilled soil, and balsam-woody. If you are a gardener you might like this scent.

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